About us

And Jesus said to them, “Follow me, and I will make you become fishers of men.”   Mark 1:17

We As a Ministry have been equipped to Inspire Change by expression and development of talents among youths and young adults Across the globe through Talent Hunts, concerts and symposia. We Have built a Space by which God’s purpose for Youths Can transpire to establish strong talents and utilize resources that inform, inspire, equip ,foster, grow and nurture young adults to do Gods intentions for them in our community. We have an aim to successfully call upon and search for the next generations treasures of God and provide them with an organized platform that harnesses equal and accessible opportunities.

Our Mission Statement

We Have been made fishers of men in God’s kingdom to Find his Hidden treasure Here on Earth .
Our Foundation promotes welfare activities aimed generally at alleviating Dreams, poverty, illiteracy through donations, scholarships, awareness campaigns and capacity development programmes. 
We help Connects Youths and Youth Adults to the best possible mentors and programmes to help foster their dreams.
Youth Programs
Our Target is for the young adults who are the Tomorrow’s people and leader. we aim to relate to Youth while giving them a platform to experience various opportunities and share their experiences with the community.
In other to create these platforms for nurturing and promotions of treasured ideals such as norms, values, culture, ethics and etiquettes while inculcating leadership values, self confidence, self-fulfilment and patriotism among the teeming youths.



Our Programme is helping us as a community and committee increase our capacity to reach our vison, healthy children, youth, and families living successful lives. These action tables will contribute significantly to the community and to our goals. This helps to promote the discovery and fulfilment purpose of our Youths.

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